While Kruchten splits into Logical, Physical, Development and Process views. Tom Graves identify the modeling into what usually concern the actual enterprise environment.

It all starts with the why. Why have enterprise-architecture and architecture & design. Then it splits into the following five P’s.

Purpose – Stakeholders, unifying story describing values, vision and providing a business context.

People – The people in enterprise-architecture. Engaging the stakeholders. Proving viewpoints, skills, responsibility, politics and influence of enterprise-architecture.

Preparation – The tactical aspects. Governance, tools and frameworks. The trade-offs and uncertainties. Design the architecture to sustain uncertainty. Viable services, understanding negative via. Service-context and responding to change.

Process – Dealing with complexity. Tame problems and wicked problems. Keep and promote innovation and invention.

Performance – Getting metrics that make sense as well as making them available. Realization of benefits. Having routines for continuous improvement. Continuously increase skills in the organisation.

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