DAD – Disciplined Agile Delivery

DAD - Disciplined Agile Delivery

The DAD consist of a number of pre-configured hybrid lifecycles to look into. Delivery lifecycle Agile lifecycle Lean lifecycle Continuous Delivery: Agile lifecycle Continuous Delivery: Lean lifecycle DAD’s Exploratory (Lean Startup) lifecycle DAD’s Program (team of teams) lifecycle. More information can be seen on the webpage for the framework;

Stakeholder Analysis Map

A stakeholder analysis map might be more of a structured way of working with collaboration, rather than a “method” by itself. A way to work can turn out in many ways. However, the point is to keep track on the stakeholders that concerns you or your project. The output can of course be public to […]

CMMC – Cyber Security Maturity Model Certification

CMMC Control Families

The CMMC is a way to use a terminology to classify what different usage of information recognize as categories, control families and controls. The model favor the use of “Domains” when refer to categories or subcategories. The domains in alphabetical order are: Access Control Asset Management* Awareness and Training Audit and Accountability Configuration Management Cybersecurity […]

PEAF – Pragmatic EA Framework

Pragmatic EA Principles

MACE (the columns in the modelled image above) is a method to use when categorizing EA principles. Traditionally, principles is connected to thinking in terms of Business, Data, Application and Technology as in for instance Archimate. Or some other similar categorisation. Pragmatic considers, as the name implies, principles from a more pragmatic perspective. What categories […]

Pace Layered Architecture

Pace Layered Architecture

The art of PLA is to pace and accelerate parts of the organizations architecture in a way that enable shorter turn-arounds to business needs. Pace Layered Architecture, defined by Gartner, identify three areas which can have good chances to run in in development cycles independent from each other. SoR – Systems Of Record SoD – […]



Waterfall is one of the most well discussed software development lifecycle methods out. Depends on the view, it says contradict the Agile way of control software development. The characteristics of waterfall is to build software on a so called linear sequential life cycle model. With simple words, the development process is broken into steps. Each […]


Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability Atomicity – Ensures that a transaction will not be successful unless all its containing parts are successful. Consistency – In an ACID-compliant database, transactions that break data validation rules are rolled back. So database always are in valid state. Isolation – When handling multiple transactions affect each other littlevas possible. Durability […]


DEEP Product Backlog Grooming

Any product that make use of agile way of working, likely have a product backlog. A well being product backlog contain relevant features, functions, requirements, enhancements, and fixes. To be able to get control over the backlog, the items do have attributes that should or could follow DEEP. D (etailed) is generally the primary description […]


Within software development, the chunk of work is estimated in time and effort. Often the work has to be prioritized, in order to be able to start with the right piece of work at right time. Prioritization and ordering of work is a popular topic. Methods vary in complexity and usability. Moscow is however one […]