Accountability ladder

A LinkedIn article is written about this, among dozen of other sources.

Kübler-Ross Change Curve

The model help to discern layers or levels of a person- or groups acceptance to a event, i.e. a change. It can also be visualized as a pyramide, where the bottom layer means that the person or group does not accept certain event or change. Ultimately a change management change the attitude or acceptance to […]

Rumsfelds areas of Uncertainty

Rumsfeld Uncertainty

According to Rumsfeld, it’s crucial to evaluate “unknown knowns” and unknown unknowns. A part of the idea is to declare understanding of areas you don’t know about. To reduce uncertainty. Usually you care of the known fields. What you kow and don’t know about them. A report or statement can often say “nothing happened”. But […]


Resolved Owned Accepted Mitigated Risk Managenent

Tom Graves 5 P’s of EA Practicals

While Kruchten splits into Logical, Physical, Development and Process views. Tom Graves identify the modeling into what usually concern the actual enterprise environment. It all starts with the why. Why have enterprise-architecture and architecture & design. Then it splits into the following five P’s. Purpose – Stakeholders, unifying story describing values, vision and providing a business […]

The Six Thinking Hats

Edward De Bono - Six thinking hats

Edward De Bono made up the methodology of “The Six thinking hats” to let different perspectives assess a situation. He put the perspectives into domains. The actual domains vary depends on the source, but they are approximately – Blue hat Green hat – White hat – Yellow hat – Red hat – Black hat – […]

OODA – Observe Orient Decide Act

Observe Orient Decide Act

This four step decision making loop is used to frame available information. The framed information is to be put into context and than enrich details from which its possible to take decision. As a Side note, there is not seldom to see that OODA is used together with the PDCA loop, which take a more […]

PDCA – Plan Do Check Act

Plan Do Check Act

PDCA is used to reflect over a given problem and get some activities out from it. A given problem can be for instance A new project to reflect on Improving in a existing problem space Getting into solution space from a RCA analysis Defining repetitive processes Working towards continous improvement, as the cycle might contain […]

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri

In the domain of reducing waste, focus on lean. Hoshin Kanri is also known as policy deployment and is a method for ensuring that progress and actions is defined in any level of an organization. A key for the method is to make every employee to head for same direction at same time. This is […]