The Six Thinking Hats

Edward De Bono - Six thinking hats

Edward De Bono made up the methodology of “The Six thinking hats” to let different perspectives assess a situation. He put the perspectives into domains. The actual domains vary depends on the source, but they are approximately – Blue hat Green hat – White hat – Yellow hat – Red hat – Black hat – […]

OODA – Observe Orient Decide Act

Observe Orient Decide Act

This four step decision making loop is used to frame available information. The framed information is to be put into context and than enrich details from which its possible to take decision. As a Side note, there is not seldom to see that OODA is used together with the PDCA loop, which take a more […]

Design Decision Maturity Model

Design Decision Maturity Model

As you might be aware of, there exist certain level of maturity in knowledge management. See for instance K3M. Also in the process of decide on design and considerations, one can apply maturity. “How much have this idea being engaged with formal principles and stakeholders”? “Am I taking the decision myself, or is it established […]