Illinois Model

Illinois Model

The idea with the framework is to be an template for how to thrive in complexity and uncertainty. Specifically in dynamic high-stakes challenges. Stressors that are measured is Stress Demand vs Capabilities Predictability Rules vs Creativity Strategy How vs Why You can read more on the Illinois model here.


This framework provide five different segments of contexts. A given issue might fit into one of this, defined by the nature of the relationship between cause and effect. The domains in Cynefin is sometimes described like this Simple as baking a cake using a recipe Complicated as getting a rocket to the moon Complex as raising a child.  […]

VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity


Volatility – Inherently unstable and can change rapidly. Fast changing technology, cultural influences and so Uncertainty – The lack or suffering of predictability. Are not clear of the present and by that have less sense of awareness and understanding of issues and events. Complexity – The nature of problems that confronts the business. Ambiguity – […]

Ralph Stacey Matrix

Ralph Stacy Matrix

This framework partially touch the philosophical plane of assessing. It reach out for way forward to navigate, a solution or solving a problem. Ability to set a direction. Beside this matrix, it’s worth look into this guys (Ralph Stacey) history and other readings. This specific image of choice to describe the matrix is by no […]