OODA – Observe Orient Decide Act

Observe Orient Decide Act

This four step decision making loop is used to frame available information. The framed information is to be put into context and than enrich details from which its possible to take decision. As a Side note, there is not seldom to see that OODA is used together with the PDCA loop, which take a more […]

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri

In the domain of reducing waste, focus on lean. Hoshin Kanri is also known as policy deployment and is a method for ensuring that progress and actions is defined in any level of an organization. A key for the method is to make every employee to head for same direction at same time. This is […]

APQC – Process Classification Framework

APQC Process Classification Framework

This framework can be used to achieve a reference model for the organization processes. The format of the model is hiearchical, where the top level are a process up to five sub-levels. For processes of certain interest, one can choose to drill into deeper more specific levels. The order is like this, Level 1 – […]

BCM – Business Capability Mapping

BCM - Business Capability Mapping

Business capability mapping has the goal to represent what a business does, without go into how it perform it. A capability map can act as a reference point for business planning. Changes to how capabilities are implemented do not impact the base model.  Therefore, mapping and planning solutions based upon the stable business capabilities map leads to less […]