The T Shape model in general visualize the difference in competence in two axis. Either you are broad, an generalist. Drawn in horisontal axis. Or you are in depth very skilled within a specific area. Drawn as vertical axis.

Why separate competence like this? Roughly, we want to say that the generalist work with strategy. The Specialist works operationally, doing the practical stuff. The tactical layer floats in all space between.

Usually there is a tension in being both broad and deep. Simply because strategy is impacted by the operative activities. As well as the operative activities being yielded by the strategy. It’s a frequent risk increasing factor of effectivity.

For some resources, it is also easy to fell into the other shapes. Which means being broad. But accidentally or by interest, one being specialized in different domains in which the broad generalist operate.


For a small number of very very skilled experts, for instance some senior consultants, the PI and Comb formated shapes is common and even preferred. These persons are extremely competent and can do magic few can imagine. The risk happen when they are kicked out and the maintenance realize they loose two, three or even four resources. Also loosing the overview.

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