In the domain of reducing waste, focus on lean. Hoshin Kanri is also known as policy deployment and is a method for ensuring that progress and actions is defined in any level of an organization.

A key for the method is to make every employee to head for same direction at same time. This is done by making the organization goals (strategy) aligned with the plans to execute towards them (tactics).

Hoshin Kanri aligns corporate strategy with plant floor actions to increase productivity and decrease waste

To get on board with this method,

  1. Step One – Create a Strategic Plan
    • Focus on Five
    • Effectiveness first
    • Evolution versus revolution
    • Top Down Consensus
    • Being careful / pessimistic with KPI’s
    • The goals should be owned, not set outside
  2. Develop Tactics
  3. Take Action
  4. Review and Adjust

Principles by Hoshin Kanri

Bildresultat för Hoshin Kanri"
PDCA means “Plan, Decide, Check, Act

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