For business valuation and development, there might provide a lot of insight to craft a BDN to get a overview of the situation.

It can act as a map to identify what drivers cause some IT services to function or exist. A good BDN do differentiate external facing drivers from these who are internal facing.

This is a quite nice diagram to trace dependencies, needs and benefits of each. It might look extreme, however it is quite simple, once you give yourself the chance to look at it. 

A Friday sample from left to right;

Say you identify a need “I want to sit comfortably” in grey. 

To achieve this, you might have to “make more room in the living room” and or “throw the old sofa” in yellow column. 

While you choose between throw your sofa or just make room for the new – you might realize that different adoptions is needed. The red column, your partner would likely need to review your solution, for it to be sustainable. If you waste the sofa, sub activities of how to waste it apply. Existing sell activities? Waste routines? 

You might end up in a single or multiple squares of the blue column, defines the benefits of the activity. “One can sit comfortably” or “It leads to better vision to TV”, “Less illness in the legs”. 

The final column, the key driver that “funded” the chain. Let say; “Make a cozy home”. To complicate it, some models try segment this part to outward facing (upper part of diagram) and inwards facing (lower part of diagram) here. Cozy home would be outward while “feel good” could be inwards.

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